Here’s Why Apink Handed MAMAMOO’s Solar a Large Green Onion on “Show! Music Core”

Naeun bought the green onion herself.

Apink recently appeared on MBC’s Show! Music Core to perform their new song, “Dumhdurum”, but the interaction they had with MAMAMOO‘s Solar is what gained particular attention for its random and unexpected hilarity.

When the artists gathered on stage for the announcement of 1st place, Apink’s Bomi confused many viewers by walking on stage with a large green onion in her hands.

And as soon as Apink took 1st place for “Dumhdurum”, they immediately approached Solar on stage.

They then handed her the large green onion, making everyone burst into laughter.

Even Solar, who looked taken aback at first, couldn’t help but die on stage from the hilarious joke.

Immediately after the broadcast, the scene became a hot topic of conversation among fans, and Hayoung took to her social media to share a behind-the-scenes story of the prank.

Fan: Whose idea was the green onion?

Hayoung: Nayeon Unnie bought it herself.

– Twitter

It turns out that Apink decided to gift Solar with a large green onion to match her outfit, which strongly resembled a large green onion.

Fans who witnessed the scene themselves are responding with comments such as “I actually burst out laughing“, “Apink is so cute and look at Solar’s face“, and “Naeun is such a prankster“.

Source: Insight