Apink’s Naeun Confessed She Had A Crush On A TWICE Member

Naeun’s been too shy to talk to them.

TWICE has so many charms and different visuals that it’s hard not to like them—or find one member that catches your attention. They’re so charming even other idols love them, Apink‘s Naeun being one of them.


During her appearance on Radio Star, she revealed there was a particular member she had a crush on.

One of the hosts brought up Naeun’s crush, revealing that it was someone she hadn’t yet gathered the courage to approach, “Naeun has a crush on an idol? You’re too shy to even talk to.” She confirmed it was true, surprising them by noting it wasn’t a male idol, “It’s a woman.

To narrow it down, Naeun revealed that she was a member of one of the biggest girl groups. Her crush was none other than the ever-popular Tzuyu, “She’s in TWICE. Tzuyu.

Since she keeps an eye on their junior artists, Tzuyu initially stood out to her because of her visuals, “I monitor other groups. She’s very pretty.” There was a deeper reason why Naeun was fond of her hoobae, though.

Though Naeun didn’t seem to get the chance to speak with Tzuyu, she did meet her. Seeing how she acted, Naeun felt as if she was looking at her past self, “I met her on Idol Star Athletics Championships. I saw her there. She reminded me of myself when I just debuted.

Naeun noted the soft-spoken part of Tzuyu’s personality that resonated with her own. It was the reason she liked Tzuyu so much, “She doesn’t talk much. She was quiet. I felt attached to her. Since then, I was interested in her.

No wonder why Naeun has such an adorable crush on Tzuyu. See Naeun break down the similarities between her past self and her hoobae here.