Applying Makeup On Rosé Is Such A Difficult Task, According To BLACKPINK’s Makeup Artist

She also shared how she overcomes this difficulty with makeup!

BLACKPINK‘s makeup artist, Lee Myung Sun, revealed why putting makeup on Rosé‘s gorgeous face is an especially difficult task!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Lee Myung Sun sat down with Allure Korea for an interview, where she was asked about the different looks seen on Rosé in the MV for her solo debut song, “On The Ground”!

One of the questions asked to her was about Rosé’s incredibly smooth, pretty skin, and Lee Myung Sun surprisingly shared how Rosé’s skin made it so difficult for her to do her job!

Rosé’s skin is like an egg-white. Her skin is just amazing but it can be hard to put the base makeup on. Her skin is so fine, and the pores are so tight that it seems like its pushing away the foundation.

—Lee Myung Sun

She then revealed how she combats this particular problem with makeup!

With a fine foundation, just in a moment, I would quickly put it so it would stick to the skin. Giving too many touches would actually make the skin spit out the foundation, so I would want to keep the touches less with the base.

—Lee Myung Sun

Her makeup artist just confirmed all over again that with or without makeup, Rosé is still a whole visual queen!

Watch her talk about it here!


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