ARIAZ Held A Showcase In Commemoration Of Their Debut Album, Couldn’t Hold Back Their Tears

They’ve been looking forward to the day they would debut.

ARIAZ, a new six-member girl group from Rising Star Entertainment, was unveiled on October 24. ARIAZ had a lot of tension during their showcase, which was held at Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of their debut album Grand Opera. Two members couldn’t help crying as one remembered their long trainee life and the other apologized for her past behavior, which included inappropriate behavior in school, that had caused problems for the group.

They are the first girl group to perform under Rising Star Entertainment, a sub-label of Star Empire Entertainment. The members endured a long period as trainees and experienced many twists and turns on their road to debuting. The girls confessed, “Because trainee life was so long, the wait for that life to end was hard.

Member YunJi said, “I have been a trainee for seven years, so I can endure seventy years!” She began to shed tears as the reality of her debut settled in.

The title song off their album Grand Opera is “Moonlight Aria”, a medium-tempo dance song with a glitch-hop element. In line with the album concept of a “grand opera”, the song has a fantasy-based theme of an aria, which features meaningful lyrics and beautiful vocals. ARIAZ said, “‘Moonlight Aria’ is an important song to us, so we want you to listen to it a lot.

Member Jooeun expressed wanting them to be a perfect girl group with songs and performances that reflect that ideal.

Are you excited about ARIAZ finally making their debut? Have you streamed “Moonlight Aria” yet?

Source: kstyle