ARMY Can’t Get Enough Of BTS’s Jungkook Addressing “The Mattress Allegation”

“I don’t have THAT many…” — Jungkook

BTS‘s Jungkook recently went on live to personally address the rumors of BTS’s disbandment, emphasizing that the members had no such plans. The rumors arose following BTS’s bombshell announcement that they plan to have a temporary break from group activities.


Jungkook reassured fans that disbandment is not an option for BTS. In fact, they still have plenty of group activities planned!

Jungkook | BTS/VLIVE

I’ll say this again but we have no desire to disband. We still have a lot of group activities left, and there will continually be more in the future. So you don’t have to worry about that.

— Jungkook

But while ARMYs were touched by the fact that Jungkook came online to provide reassurance so sincerely…

…many were also extremely amused by the other thing Jungkook wanted to ‘clear up.’ During BTS’s Festa Dinner Party, the members had hilariously teased Jungkook for having one too many mattresses spread out throughout his house.

This led to some golden memes about what the mattress situation must look like at his place…

…as of how Jungkook must have ‘sawed’ his mattress to fit it in his room.

So when Jungkook addressed the ‘mattress allegation’ during his live stream, ARMYs couldn’t help but laugh, especially as he had just given a very serious talk about a difficult subject.

Jungkook stressed to fans that the members had been exaggerating about the number of mattresses (and air purifiers) that are in his house—even though it seems like the number is still ‘more than most.’

Of course, there are some who think he may just be on to something…

…especially if this is what happens at Jungkook’s house.

While it was great to hear Jungkook’s comforting words and reassurances, it was just as great to see him cheer ARMY up like this!

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BTS’s Jungkook Personally Addresses Disbandment Rumors