ARMYs Call Out HYBE For Promoting Fatphobia In Latest BTS Content

Many felt uncomfortable with unhealthy mindset.

HYBE, the parent company of BTS’s label BIGHIT MUSIC, has landed itself in trouble again with ARMYs for putting out content that many deemed inappropriate and insensitive.

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While BTS is in the military, their label has ensured that fans still stay engaged with the group by releasing various kinds of content. On April 25, KST, HYBE released an ARMY membership content titled “A day in the life with BTS.” It comprised a questionnaire answered by each member individually.

It was supposed to be fun and light-hearted content, with each BTS member opting between choices that allow them to be “superstars” or their ordinary selves. But it all backfired with the very first question on the page, which asked, “Your favorite pants no longer fit, but you’re hungry — what do you do?!

While this question itself rubbed people the wrong way, what enraged them even further were the two options. For option A, the members could choose to “have a glass of water” to suppress their hunger, while for option B, they get to have another “cheat day.”

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Fans immediately took issue with both the content and the language of this question and its options and called out HYBE for using potentially body-dysmorphia-promoting concepts, which can harm both the young fanbase of BTS and the members themselves.


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