This Awesome Mom Stans BTS’s RM More Than She Stans Her Daughter

This ARMY mom made it clear who is #1 in her heart.

Some moms don’t get the whole “BTS thing”. Others are hardcore ARMYs who might love their bias just a little more than they love their kids!

Many parents are hopping aboard the BTS bandwagon nowadays, but one hilarious ARMY mom took her adoration for RM one step further…

…by replacing her daughter’s graduation picture with his photo!

Oh my, my, my. Someone, please save @jiminisii‘s lungs from bursting! Judging from the number of likes, more than 41,000 ARMYs are loving how this fan’s mom brought the pain on.

@jiminisii followed up her original tweet with a video, saying, “He’s laughing it me.” 

Leader, president, star student, icon. RM is every mother’s dream child. If yours had the option, would she trade you in?

It turns out that @jiminisii isn’t the only one who’s been kicked to the curb by her mother. These fans shared similar stories!


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