This Korean ARMY Mom Threw Her Husband Under The Bus For Jungkook

This mom showed everyone where her true loyalties lie.

BTS‘s fans are commonly, and mistakenly, portrayed as a legion of teen fangirls, but one die-hard ARMY mom is breaking this stereotype!

Comedian Jung Jun Ha and soloist Tei appeared as dinner guests on Let’s Eat Dinner Together. They shared a meal with a family, and the mom of that family turned out to be a huge BTS fan.

She knew exactly which BTS members had appeared on Let’s Eat Dinner Together (Jungkook and Jin), and she said she’d jump at the chance to cook BTS a meal.

If they came here [for a meal], I’d cook enough dishes to break the table.

— ARMY mom

Lee Kyung Kyu jokingly asked the ARMY mom if the younger version of her husband was anything like Jungkook. Her answer was so brutally honest, that it’s hard not to feel bad for her poor husband.

How can you even compare them? I can’t compare [my husband] to Jungkook.

— ARMY mom

The ARMY mom then revealed that she had stayed up until 1:20 AM to watch BTS’s concert on JTBC, even though she usually goes to bed at 11 PM.

After witnessing her dedication, Lee KyungkKyu took a jab at Jung Jun Ha by saying Jungkook should have come instead of him!

Check out the segment below.