ARMY Are Officially BTS’s Managers And Here Are The Funniest Responses

Manager Se Jin is shaking.

The pre-registration for BTS‘s mobile game BTS World is finally here and they’re looking to fill a specific position through their teaser.

That position is for a manager but not any manager: BTS’s manager. ARMYs were excited by the news and took the role on very seriously, sharing how they would act. The responses were quite funny.

This fan wouldn’t just act as their manager but also their bodyguard against overzealous “fans.” They wouldn’t just keep the fans at a safe distance away from BTS, they’d hilariously eliminate the threat.

Whenever BTS needed to share something with their manager, no matter how small or what time of day, these fan managers would be there in the blink of an eye.

This fan would go above and beyond as a manager. One member could say that he was tired of walking, but that wouldn’t be an issue for them. They’d simply carry the member on their head as they walked. It would also keep them safe since no one would want to risk reaching that high.

ARMYs even took the role farther by coordinating it to the traits of specific members. RM is forgetful and destructive, so this fan joked about racing through traffic to return his passport.

They even joked about how BTS’s actual manager Se Jin would react to playing the game. He wouldn’t be surprised at all because they would be tasks that he already completes for the group.

The full game isn’t released yet and ARMYs are having a fun time playing around with the idea of being BTS’s managers. If this is any indication, the full game will be something to look forward to, if only for ARMY’s reactions.