ARMY Responds To Meme About The Internet Being Afraid Of Them And It Is Iconic AF

ARMY is as iconic as BTS.

Everyone knows ARMYs are one of the most passionate fanbases around. They demand apologies on the group’s behalf when they perceive a slight against their boys, and they even crash websites when uniting to show their support. It’s pretty flipping incredible. Of course, with that kind of power comes… great responsibility? No! Actually, it comes with fear. Lots of fear, at least according to Google.

Source: mimibtsghost/Tumblr

Well… being as fun and extra as they are, this BTS fan came up with an iconic response:

Source: mimibtsghost/Tumblr & BTSMOTSDAESANGS/Twitter

If that isn’t the best dang response to that Google search suggestion, we’re not sure what is! 😂 Stay spicy, ARMY! 😘

Source: Tumblr