An ARMY Brings Her BTS’s Suga Doll To The Beach… Only To Have It Stolen By A Seagull

Even seagulls can’t resist Suga’s charm…

It’s never a quiet day in the ARMY fandom! Not only do you have to struggle to get in line for the BTS boys, you now have to compete with seagulls too. This K-ARMY shared a hilarious story via their Twitter account.

She had brought her Chwitty doll (from the likeness of Suga in “Daechwita”) to the sea. However, a tragic incident occured.

Yesterday I went to see the sea to commemorate the comeback but, my Chwitty…my baby that was taken away by a seagull…I hope you live well in Oido Island…

— @bts_livliv on Twitter

That wasn’t the end of the story though.

I had owned a Daechwitty…but now I don’t… kekekekeke No but I was hard at work taking photos and playing around but the moment I held up my Chwitty, a seagull swooped in and snatched it kekekekekeke My two hands were in vain kekeke You who left behind a scarf and went…

— @bts_livliv on Twitter

We’re absolutely devastated for the loss of her adorable doll. Hopefully she manages to purchase another one!