ARMY’s Break World Record With Over 45 Million BBMA Votes In 24 Hours

Yet another world record.

ARMY’s have proven once again that they are the best fan base in the world, this time with their dedication to voting for BTS.


During last year’s BBMAs, ARMY’s sent out a total of 32 million tweets in the first 24 hours of voting, a record only they knew could be broken.


ARMY’s put on their hard hats and worked day and night to make sure a new record would be set for BTS’s historic comeback.


Not only did they break their own personal record for BBMA votes, but they also broke the world record for most tweets with a specific hashtag in 24 hours.

The previous record was 40,706,392 tweets of the hashtag #ALDubEBTamangPanahon from the Filipino show Eat Bulaga‘s special episode Sa Tamang Panahon. While the number has not been officially confirmed by Guiness World Records yet, preliminary counts clearly show it as the new record.


The next step for ARMY’s is to surpass their 300 million votes from last year’s Top Social Artist award! BTS will unveil their debut performance of “FAKE LOVE” at the 2018 BBMAs.

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