ARMYs Cannot Get Enough Of BTS Jimin’s Latest Fluffed AF Airport Fashion

“It looks like the hat is eating Jimin alive, but we’re all here for it.”

On November 16, 2019 KST, BTS came home to Korea from Helsinki, Finland after wrapping up their schedules overseas. The Korean press and ARMYs welcomed the members home at the Incheon International Airport.


While BTS’s airport visits have always been viral sensations, this time Jimin gained extra spotlight for his fluffiest airport fashion!


Dressed in a super furry trooper hat…


… and the most colorful sherpa jacket…


… Jimin immediately became the center of attention!


While many wondered the story behind Jimin’s fanciest new airport outfit, it turned out to be J-Hope‘s idea! After leaving the airport safely, Jimin tweeted a selfie in the adorable furry hat, explaining that it was all done for ARMYs.

Hoseok-hyung said ARMYs would love it if I arrived in this!

— Jimin


And boy, was Hoseok-hyung 300% right. ARMYs can’t get enough of this teddy-Jimin!

It looks like the hat is eating Jimin alive, but we’re all about it! Uwu.



Watch Jimin wow the crowd at ICN here:

Source: THEQOO