ARMYS Caught Another Glimpse At BTS Jungkook’s Arm Tattoos And It’s Beautiful

Fans can’t wait to see what else he has up his “sleeve!”

On June 7, BTS joined in on YouTube’s “Dear Class of 2020” event and made a commencement speech and special performance to congratulate the graduating class. Fans were excited to see the boys perform and were blown away by their touching speeches and flawless performances. V gained attention for his unique shoe choice and outfits while Jungkook gave fans another glimpse into his tattoos!

While many are aware of his hand tattoos that are dedicated to the members and ARMY, fans still haven’t been able to see his full sleeve yet. In the performance of “Spring Day,” fans could see another shot at his exposed arm with his tattoos.

Here are some more close ups of his sleeve!

Source: OingAtelier
Source: OingAtelier

Back in May, Jungkook posted a short clip of him singing a cover of Lauv‘s “Never Not” and exposed his arm, revealing more of his tattoos.

In February, fans also caught a glimpse of his beautiful sleeve tattoo in the official music video for “ON.”

Fans hope that there will be a chance to see Jungkook’s full sleeve in the near future during concerts!