ARMYs Discover Evidence That Jimin Is BTS’s True Time Traveler, Not Jin

The “facts” add up.

For years, ARMYs have speculated that Jin is a time traveler within BTS‘s music video universe, but a century-old photograph may have debunked that theory.


ARMY’s time traveling theories can be traced back to BTS’s 2015 music video “I NEED U”. In it, each member was given a unique plotline that has continued on through subsequent music videos.


From “I NEED U” on, all plotlines have been tied to Jin. Since music video like “RUN” and “Euphoria” retell the members’ stories in new ways, many fans believe Jin has been going back in time to try to change his members’ fates.


Now, however, this 100-year-old photo suggests that Jimin is the true time traveler, not Jin.


The photo began receiving attention after an ARMY shared it online. According to fans, the ARMY spotted this photo in a Chinese history book and couldn’t help noticing the similarities.


This girl is believed to be a relative of the famous Chinese architect and writer Lin Huiyin. Lin Huiyin, also known as Phyllis Lin, was the first female architect in modern China.


Fans can’t get over the striking resemblance between this beautiful girl and the handsome K-Pop star. The two share similar facial features, but also have the same kind of poise and elegance.


Naturally, ARMYs are already brainstorming new theories about Time Traveler Jimin!


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