ARMYs Have Discovered A Shirtless Photo Of Jungkook At The Desk Of An “Ellen Show” Employee, And Yes Sis, Same

Korean netizens are loving it.

BTS has fans all around the world – not surprising given their many accolades. However, an eagle-eyed fan spotted a very special fellow ARMY on Netflix. Netflix’s currently airing the Jimmy Fallon Show documentary, and in it, Jimmy Fallon himself paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show offices.

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As Jimmy Fallon and Ellen stopped by the office to chat with a staff, fans immediately noticed that there was a photograph of Jungkook above the staff’s desk. However, what caused fans to cackle was that the photograph happened to be this steamy one right here.

Korean ARMYs sure had something to say about the hilarious discovery.

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  • “Legendary.”
  • “Understandable, yes. Totally agree.”
  • “We know how that feels – to be recharged with vitamins every time you see it.”
  • “Crazy kekekekeke”
  • “kekekekeke”
  • “The photo’s a great one kekekeke”
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  • “Every time I see it, I think his abs are really good-looking too.”
  • “No but how many years ago has that photo been? keke. Of course, it’s understandable keke.”
  • “kekekeke. The best moment.”
  • “There’s a group pic of BTS too.”
  • “It indeed is a photo that gives you strength keke.”
  • “kekeke why is this so funny kekeke”
  • “No but Jungkook why are you there keke I know how she feels keke but our baby’s stomach is cold keke so cute kekeke.”

A totally relatable moment! BTS is no stranger to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Catch a snippet of them from when they guested below.

Source: theqoo