ARMYs Are “Framing” BTS Jimin’s New Concept Photo… Because He’s Such A Piece of Artwork

He looks too good to be true!

On February 9, 2020, Big Hit Entertainment released brand new “concept photos” for BTS‘s upcoming new album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”. The art include a gorgeous group photo…

… plus equally fascinating individual photos, in which Jimin looks particularly elegant like a painting.

ARMYs are so madly in love with this mysteriously dark aesthetic… perhaps as this tweet suggests:

And they are celebrating the blessed visual by framing this classic-art-like photo of Jimin. Check out how timeless this would look on a wall:

ARMYs can’t fully grasp how Jimin can be so surreal…

… that these “framed” edits don’t look like edits…

… but like real paintings of invaluable worth!

How does “Boy with a Silver Earring” sound for this masterpiece?

Source: THEQOO