ARMYs Love How BTS’s Jimin Slayed This Dancer Outfit For His High School Friend

That’s true friendship right there.

In the latest episode of Bangtan Bomb, BTS‘s Jimin was spotted rehearsing his solo performance of “Serendipity” at the group’s tour concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Jimin looked good in his all-black outfit — and his stylish dancer pants especially drew a lot of attention. These pants had quite a unique design, with a flap covering the back side.


Curious ARMYs did their research and found out these pants are actually designed by YouTuber DANSE JIN, or Sunjin, who is actually Jimin’s classmate and good friend from his Busan High School of Arts days!

In her own promotional video, DANSE JIN mentioned that the original design comes from her older brother. After wearing the original version for three years, she decided to tweak the design to include improvements and turn it into an official merchandise.


The pants, by the name of S.J Pants, are being sold for about $35 USD at DANSE JIN’s online shop. The design remained sold out for a while, but as ARMYs persisted to place orders of their own pair of these Jimin pants, it became restocked — for which DANSE JIN shared appreciation on her Instagram.


Jimin and DANSE JIN’s friendship goes way back, as revealed in this adorable video shared by the YouTuber on her channel. It captures the two of them, as high school sophomores, putting on a special performance at their homeroom teacher’s wedding in 2011.


ARMYs are in love with how Jimin and DANSE JIN have kept their friendship going, and more so that they remained supportive of each others’ careers beyond high school!

Watch Jimin rock his S.J Pants OOTD in this Bangtan Bomb episode:

Source: THEQOO