ARMYs, The Next Time You See BTS’s J-Hope, Call Him With This Adjective Instead Of “Handsome”, “Cute” Or “Sexy”

J-Hope likes to be called “handsome” and “sexy”, but this surprising adjective makes him happy, too.

Looking at BTS‘s J-Hope‘s visuals, the first thing that you would think of is either “handsome”…

…or “cute”, right?

And when you’re fortunate enough to watch him dance, definitely, you would think of the word “sexy” to describe him, wouldn’t you?

He has the powerful dance moves and the confidently sexy facial expressions to back this up.

When it comes to receiving compliments, though, did you know that J-Hope actually likes it when you call him something else?

Is it “bright J-Hope”?


Or “cool J-Hope”?

It turns out that J-Hope also likes to be called “pretty”.

Just check out what his reaction is when RM philosophically said that in a way, humans are like bugs.

He strongly protested that he’s not a bug; he’s definitely a flower.

He could have said any other element in nature, but he chose to go with pretty flowers instead.

Also, remember when J-Hope mentioned how the flowers looked pretty? said that the flowers looks pretty — just like J-Hope.

His proud smile when he was called “pretty” is priceless.

Perhaps this is why more and more ARMYs love calling him pretty, too.

He’s definitely a pretty boy, isn’t he?

And his prettiness is just like fine wine: the older he gets, the prettier he becomes.

And so the next time you see J-Hope, instead of calling him “hot” or “sexy”, get his attention by calling him “pretty” instead.

After all, he deserves it, doesn’t he?

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