ARMYs Noticed One Thing In BTS’s Dorm And Couldn’t Help But Shed A Tear

This one detail touched fans’ hearts.

During one of BTS‘s broadcasts, Jin is seen preparing food with one of the cupboards open. Fans noticed the bowls on that were in the cupboards and couldn’t help but shed a few tears. Why?

Because some K-ARMYs gifted BTS those bowls to celebrate their 300th debut date.

The boys of BTS can be seen using those bowl back when they lived in a one bedroom apartment. Even as they move to bigger, more luxurious apartments, they still use the gifts ARMYs gave.

Fans are saying they could afford to buy better, sleeker bowls and cutlery, but have decided to cherish the fans gifts instead. Many non-fans are also impressed with BTS, saying that it shows how much they love their fans and treasure everything given to them.

I was a fan who bought them one of those bowls, I would just be silent and cry.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo