ARMYs Present BTS’s V With The Most Epic Early Birthday Surprise

ARMYs are going all-out for his birthday.

With BTS V‘s birthday just around the corner (December 30), ARMYs have been busy finding ways to celebrate his birthday in special ways. Chinese ARMYs lit up the skies in Gubei Water Town in an incredible drone display as part of an early birthday celebration for V.

Their celebrations weren’t just limited to China. Nope! His Chinese fans sponsored the 2019 Seoul Christmas Festival and were able to create a special “purple zone” at the event in honor of his birthday.

ARMYs have been sharing photos of the event, which will run from December 13 to January 1, on Twitter.

Source: @btspurplecloud/Twitter

If you’re in Seoul during this time, be sure to check out this can’t-miss display for BTS’s V!

This light display is not only thoughtful and stunning, but it’s extra-special because V is the first K-Celebrity to have this kind of dedication to him at Cheonggyecheon.