Chinese ARMYs Light Up The Sky With Drones In An Early Celebration Of BTS V’s Birthday

Let the celebrations begin!

Born 1995, BTS‘s V will be turning 24 years old “international age” as of this December 30, 2019. ARMYs can’t wait for the end of December — not only for the dawn of 2020, but also for V’s birthday celebration!


In China’s Gubei Water Town though, some eager ARMYs gathered to start the party early. A series of videos from Weibo tweeted worldwide captured a fascinating drone light show dedicated to V!


The drones lit up the night sky with special messages for the birthday boy…


… and ARMYs fell in love with the Chinese ARMYs’ creative and most breathtaking way of congratulating his v-day!


ARMYs hope V gets to see this grand view…

V would love to see this…!



… and know in his heart that ARMYs everywhere are thrilled to celebrate his special day!

Watch the drone show here:

Source: THEQOO


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