ARMYs Think BTS’s J-Hope Might Secretly Be Jack Frost And Here’s The Proof

Celebrity and animated crushes unite!

Following his appearance in Louis Vuitton‘s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show in Seoul, BTS‘s J-Hope posted four stunning selfies on Twitter. With his bright white hair and intense gaze you can even feel through his tinted sunglasses, J-Hope served iconic looks that could send shivers down anyone’s spine.

Soon after this tweet was uploaded, ARMYs were quick to point out his resemblance once again to a certain popular cartoon character: Jack Frost!

Not only are their appearances extremely alike, but their personalities are quite similar as well! In Rise of the Guardians, the character of Jack Frost is portrayed as someone that is “adventurous, curious, fun-loving,” and also “hates to take things seriously, preferring to crack a joke or throw a snowball.” We’d say this description matches J-Hope perfectly!

Some ARMYs have joked that this look on J-Hope is their childhood coming full circle, as Jack Frost was their cartoon crush when they were younger and J-Hope is their bias in BTS now!

This ARMY even extended the “cool” cartoon references to Suga, putting this image of him wearing a blonde wig next to Elsa from Frozen!

What do you think of J-Hope’s cartoon doppelganger?