It Doesn’t Take Much For ARMYs To Touch BTS Jin’s Heart… Just Some Lemona Vitamin Wrappers

“Kim Seokjin has been deeply touched by ARMYs.”

In October 2019, BTS signed an endorsement deal with Lemona, South Korea’s long-running vitamin brand manufactured by Kyung Nam Pharm.


This powder-type vitamin comes in strips of individual packaging, in a heart-shaped tin can — all of which have BTS members’ faces printed on them. ARMYs have been collecting the cans to complete the set of 8: Group, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.


And while most thought to toss the individual wrappers after ripping it open to consume the powder, some didn’t like the idea of “throwing the members away in the trash”.


A conflicted ARMY turned to Weverse to find out what others are doing with the wrappers…

When you buy Lemona, you don’t throw away the individual wrappers, do you? What do you guys do with these packagings?



… and ended up deeply touching Jin with ARMY love.

Of course I threw them away…

— Jin


For Jin, throwing away the wrappers hadn’t been difficult. But he realized it could be hard for ARMYs because that is simply how much BTS mean to them! And that indescribable amount of pure love and support filled Jin’s heart with UWU.

Kim Seokjin has been deeply touched by ARMYs.

— Jin


Upon seeing Jin’s reaction, another ARMY dropped by to serve facts. It’s not that ARMYs buy Lemona for the vitamin C and get BTS goods in the process. It is more so that they buy Lemona for the BTS goods and maybe get some vitamin C in the process!

If we needed the vitamin, we’d eat lemons, not Lemona. We only eat Lemona for those wrappers.




Source: THEQOO