ARMYs Are Being Well-Fed By BTS Content And No One Is Complaining

Talk about blessed!

On April 23, BTS took to social media and live streams to bring loads of content for fans at home.

First, RM and J-Hope started a live stream and had a fun time customizing ARMY Bombs as they interacted with fans online. Jungkook even popped in at the end to say hello.

They also posted a picture of their final product onto Twitter.

Not too long after, Suga came on Twitter and asked fans to leave questions and that he would answer them soon.

Jungkook then posted a short clip of him boxing and gaves fans a huge treat!

And when everyone thought that BTS content was over for the night, V turned on the live stream and gave fans another session of TaeTae FM 6.13. He turned on some fun tunes while telling stories about his version of the dumpling incident as well as different games he has played.

He turns off the live stream after about 30 minutes and asks fans to tune in on JTBC to see Bring The Soul.

Fans have truly been blessed today with this overload of content and are happy to have had this type of interaction with the boys!