AROHAs Caught A Tiny Detail That Shows Just How Seriously ASTRO Takes Their Performances

ASTRO drills even the smallest of details to create their perfect performances!

ASTRO is never lacking with the fierce energy they bring to the stage every time they perform. The members manage to flawlessly execute the intricate choreography for their songs while staying incredibly synchronized.

But recently, a Twitter user noticed a detail from an old dance practice video that proves just how seriously the members take even the smallest aspects of their performances.

While rehearsing for the 2020 KBS Song Festival, sub-unit members Moonbin and Sanha were practicing their song “Bad Idea.” Both of them start the dance practice off by balancing on the balls of their feet and then slowly lowering until they are standing normally, only then jumping into the song’s choreography.

The Twitter user speculates that this movement was intended to represent the lift they would descend from in the performance, before standing on stage to perform their choreography.

ASTRO’s Sanha (left) and Moonbin (right) | @ASTRO in a channel/YouTube

In a separate dance practice video for the same stage, the two can be seen once more practicing this “descending” motion.

ASTRO’s Moonbin (left) and Sanha (right) | @KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

And in the actual performance of this song, you can see the (much taller) lift that lowers them onto the stage.

This small detail of their rehearsal shows that even down to the most intricate details, ASTRO rehearses diligently, trying to prepare the best performances possible.

You can watch the 2020 “Bad Idea” performance here.