“Arthdal Chronicles” Co-Star Revealed How Song Joong Ki Really Acts Off Camera

Song Joong Ki surprised him with his true personality.

Actor Hwang Hee had the opportunity to act alongside some of the top names in the Korean entertainment industry for the hit series Arthdal Chronicles and he dished on the actors’ true personalities in an interview.

He confessed his true feelings towards Song Joong Ki, claiming he was “manly” yet “casual“. He recalled how Song Joong Ki told him not to call him “senior” (a respectful title) and instead to call him “hyung” (older brother).

I followed him around, calling him senior, but he was manly and casual. He told me to call Jang Dong Gun senior but to call him hyung.

— Hwang Hee

Song Joong Ki didn’t just pour his heart out for his cast mates, he also took care of them by sending them nutritional supplements and padded coats for the cold winter!

He sent proteins to my agency, asking if I’m still exercising. Even though we were different tribes in the drama, he took care of me a lot.

The filming took place in fall and it suddenly got very cold as it turned to winter. I didn’t have a thick coat on me so he took all of the tribe actors and bought us padded coats with duck feathers.

— Hwang Hee

He also dished about Jang Dong Gun, who has been in the industry since 1992. Despite his top status as an actor, he took care of Hwang Hee and his other cast mates like his own younger brother.

Jang Dong Gun knew that filming the Daekan army unit scenes would be very tiring, so he bought us expensive and top quality food that was good for stamina.

I was often at the dorms but he would call me and say, ‘Come down to the barbecue restaurant.’ He bought us all the beef that we wanted to eat.

— Hwang Hee

Hwang Hee gushed that Jang Dong Gun “really has leadership like Tagon” – his character. He plans to visit Jang Dong Gun at his agency to meet up again.

Hwang Hee concluded that both Song Joong Ki and Jang Dong Gun were humble actors who was ever ready to do whatever they can to care for their juniors.

They’re actors who are very humble. I served them like my older brothers and they took care of me a lot.

I learned a lot from them.

— Hwang Hee

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