ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reveals The Career He Would Have If He Wasn’t An Idol, And MJ Had The Best Reason Why it Wouldn’t Work

He’s not wrong!

Most K-Pop idols have always dreamed of being on stage and performing in front of fans. Even though they have the talent and charisma, many of them will have had some sort of backup plan or even had a completely different idea of their path as a child.

One group with members who all seem to have been destined to be idols is ASTRO! All of the group is full of talent, visuals, and extreme charisma that you couldn’t imagine them doing anything else.

Members of ASTRO | @ASTRO_staff/ Twitter

The oldest members of the group, MJJinJin, and Eunwoo, recently sat down with ESQUIRE Korea after the release of their latest song. During the interview, the members answered some questions from fans, and one of them was, “What do you think you’d be doing right now if you didn’t become an idol.

While MJ rightly explained that he would probably be doing something artistic, Eunwoo explained that he thought he could be a teacher.

It is a well-known fact that Eunwoo is known for his stunning visuals, and it seems as if both fans and fellow idols never have enough good things to say about his personality! With his height, perfect facial features, and charming smile, he is definitely idol material.

| eunwo.o_c/ Instagram

It seems as if fellow members JinJin and MJ also thought the same and had the best reaction after Eunwoo revealed his choice of career. The first thing MJ said was, “Kid’s won’t be able to concentrate.

Obviously, he was referring to the fact that, because Eunwoo is so handsome, students would find it difficult to continue focusing on their work and become distracted. Yet, JinJin seemed to have the perfect way to combat this issue so that Eunwoo could teach and the students could focus.

Or you can use your face as a whiteboard. Then the kids will be able to concentrate, won’t they?

— JinJin

Although it might not be the most practical idea, it would definitely help to keep the student’s attention on the work because they can also look at Eunwoo’s handsome face in the meantime! The response from the older members proves just how close they are that they can have a joke with Eunwoo!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ESQUIRE Korea