ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Decked Out In Cartier And Looking Like A Whole Prince Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Or two, or three, or more!

Let’s be honest, with his sweet and playful personality, honey vocals, powerful dance skills, and handsome visuals, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo has the power to make our hearts skip a beat all the time. That being said, Eunwoo recently shared some pictures from his shoot with Marie Claire magazine and, well, they’re especially heart-fluttering!

Eunwoo will be gracing the cover of Marie Claire’s May 2020 issue and a few days ago, he headed over to his Instagram page to give everyone a sneak peek at some of the photos from the photoshoot as well as share his favorite pic and some b-cuts too.

Starting off by posting some sneak peek photos, Eunwoo brought his duality front and center as he served up killer visuals…

And slayed with his intense gazes!

On the other hand, Eunwoo’s playful side made an appearance to wreck hearts in a totally different way.

Decked out in Cartier‘s signature Clash de Cartier collection, Eunwoo also looked like a whole prince who had just stepped straight out of a fairytale book!

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@marieclairekorea 5월호 #ClashdeCartier

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Meanwhile, in his second post, Eunwoo delivered even more heart-fluttering pics as he showcased his sweet playful side a little bit more…

While still bringing a serious sexy edge to the pics too.

In each and every single one of Eunwoo’s pictures that he shared with fans, he not only served up some serious visuals but he also showcased many sides of himself and presented his strong duality game.

So if he made your heart skip a beat, or two, or three…

You’re not alone! Because we were right there with you!

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Favorite cut + b cut @cartier #ClashdeCartier

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