ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Flaunted His Impressive English Skills In Front Of A Native Speaker

Is there anything he can’t do?!

In an unreleased snippet of an episode of Master In The House, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo got the chance to show off his phenomenal English skills!

| Fantagio Entertainment

In the episode, Turbo‘s Kim Jongkook starred as the master and brought one of his American friends, Mark, to join. The MCs then played a “speed quiz” game where they had to give clues in English for Mark to guess the word they were referring to!

When it was Eunwoo’s turn, he was a bit shy, unsure of how to describe a snake without using actions, but he was amazing right off the bat!

The second word was apple, and he had a simple description: “A fruit that’s good [to eat] in the morning.”

He was even able to accurately describe feelings, which is pretty difficult even for native speakers.

For shy, he described it as the feeling “when you meet somebody that you like.”

His description for the word “baby” was what you call your child “when he or she was just born.”

He also cleverly described money as a thing that, if you have it, you can buy anything!

The last word he had to describe was “window,” and it was really simple: the square things inside a house.

All the other MCs were truly amazed by his skills–and so were we.

Anyone who can speak multiple languages knows how difficult it can be to simply and accurately describe common words, so Eunwoo’s descriptions show just how hard he’s been working towards honing his English skills!

| MC Lee Seung Gi admiring Eunwoo’s skills. 

You can watch the clip in the video below!


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