ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Makes Fans Emotional With A Now-Deleted Instagram Post

“The Day” is actually four incredibly meaningful days.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is pretty active on Instagram. He regularly uploads photos for his fans, showing off his princely visuals.

Sometimes he shares his fashion sense.

He recently posted a video of him showing off his impressive piano playing.

He posts adorable photos of himself alongside his more typical stunning visual ones.

And he also often posts photos with his fellow ASTRO members.

But in a recent update to his Instagram, which fans managed to capture before it was deleted, Eunwoo not only showed off more of his talents but made his fans emotional.

Eunwoo showed off his artistic skill with a time-lapsed video of him painting in his now-deleted Instagram post.

He also uploaded the finished painting, which he also then deleted.

Allegedly titling both the video and painting as “The day.”


While the painting itself is lovely, AROHAs noticed a lot of small details that gave the piece of art a lot of meaning.

But one specific detail stood out, especially given the title of the piece, “The Day.”

Fans were quick to notice that Eunwoo had painted four specific dates on a golf ball, and those dates all happen to be highly significant to the idol.

The first date, February 23rd, is ASTRO’s debut date, back in 2016 with “HIDE&SEEK.” It was also the day that ASTRO announced their fandom name, AROHA.

ASTRO’s “HIDE&SEEK” music video 

The second date, March 30th, is Eunwoo’s birthday.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo 

The third date, August 14th, 2021, is when ASTRO took home their first win on Music Core for their song “After Midnight.” The win was especially meaningful to the group, as the date coincided with their 2,000 day anniversary since their debut.

ASTRO members (left to right) Sanha, JinJin, Moonbin, MJ, Eunwoo, and Rocky receiving their first in on Music Core
ASTRO members (left to right) Rocky, Eunwoo, JinJin, MJ, Moonbin, and Sanha after their first win on Music Core

And the final date, January 29th, 2019, was ASTRO’s first win on a music show. The group got first place with their song “All Night” on The Show. It was an emotional win for the members and fans of the group, as they had been working for three years to get their well-deserved first win.

ASTRO members (left to right) MJ, Rocky, Eunwoo, JinJin, Sanha, and Moonbin winning their first music show award.
(left to right) MJ, Eunwoo, Rocky, JinJin, Sanha, Moonbin

The beautiful painting is most undoubtedly meaningful to both Eunwoo and fans alike.

And while some fans are glad that they managed to catch the posts before the idol deleted them.

Others are hopeful that he will reupload the painting once he has added his signature.

But regardless, “The Day” is a beautiful painting that fans will treasure.