ASTRO’s Cha Euwnoo Opened Up About His Desire To Share A Newer Side Of Himself With Fans

Eunwoo wants to show everyone a different side of himself:

Set against the backdrop of Milan, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo dazzled once again in his latest solo pictorial for Dazed Korea. But more than that, Eunwoo brought a certain energy to the pictorial that led him to open up about sharing a newer side of himself.

For the pictorial, Eunwoo highlighted a casual and laid back vibe as the photographer simply captured moments from Eunwoo’s outing in Milan as he took in the city. At the same time, however, Eunwoo still radiated his chic and stylish side as the photos were snapped.

Bringing that calm and relaxing yet luxurious energy to the shoot, Eunwoo revealed exactly how he brought that energy to the shoot. Channeling the natural flow of his normal everyday life, Eunwoo was able to bring just the right feel to pictorial.

Additionally, Eunwoo also opened up about showcasing different sides of himself when he revealed, “I want to keep working hard to show everyone a newer side to Cha Eunwoo.”

Following the pictorial and interview, Eunwoo later shared some of his favorite photos from the photoshoot on his Instagram. Each of his favorite photos perfectly highlighted Eunwoo’s unique energy…

And let fans experience a little bit of the newer side to Eunwoo.

With Eunwoo taking on more acting roles lately, as well as, showcasing more of his daily life through his Instagram account, there’s no doubt Eunwoo will fulfill his desires to show everyone a newer side of himself!

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