ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reveals How A Crush Inspired Him To Become An Idol

“I wasn’t really interested in singing or dancing…” – Cha Eunwoo

At the mention of an idol who has it all, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo immediately comes to mind. Between his many talents, gentle personality, and near-perfect visuals, even female idols supposedly keep their distance from him because of it.

While Eunwoo’s appearance looks ethereal, he reminded everyone that he was just like them on Master In The House. He shared how a crush had inspired him to pursue music and later become an idol.

Since the cast was discussing crushes, they didn’t think that Eunwoo would have a story to share. Shocking them all, he confirmed that he did indeed have a crush once that he didn’t have the courage to confess to.

Even though their relationship didn’t go past friendship, Eunwoo still thought fondly of her. “I have good memories of her.” He recalled how he initially hadn’t had any dreams of being an idol, or music at all, “I wasn’t really interested in singing or dancing, but she was such a huge fan of FT ISLAND.

Thinking back on his memories, Eunwoo remembered how much of an FT ISLAND his crush had been. Because she had their fan goods plastered everywhere, it made him wonder what drew her to them. “She even had stickers on her pencil case and portraits. I was like, ‘Why does she like that band so much?’

That’s what sparked Eunwoo’s interest in music. In his attempt to better understand her, he did his best to check out the band’s music. “That’s when I started developing an interest. So I looked up the music videos of FT ISLAND.

Years later, ASTRO now has tons of their own fan goods with Eunwoo’s name and face on them, like their seniors FT ISLAND. If it hadn’t been for Eunwoo’s crush, there might not have been an ASTRO with Eunwoo in it—or an idol Eunwoo altogether.

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The most ironic part is that his crush hadn’t even known his feelings. Watch Eunwoo recall those happy memories of her and how she inspired him to become an idol here.