ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Reveals The Touching Story Behind His Customized Airpod Case, And It Definitely Has Us Soft

ASTRO and AROHA have the cutest relationship!

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo was the latest idol to appear in VOGUE KOREA‘s regular segment “MY VOGUE.” During the video, Eunwoo showed fans the contents of his bag and basically proved just how sweet a person he is!

During the video, he revealed that most of the items in his bag were all gifts from fans or staff, and they were things he used daily. From a leather pencil case, perfume, and portable charger, he really showcased how grateful he is for these gifts.

In particular, there was one that had a very touching meaning behind them. Eunwoo showed off some Airpods that a fan had given him.

If it wasn’t sweet enough that Eunwoo uses them all the time, even picking it as one of the three items he couldn’t be without, there was a touching story behind the case. He explained that when he received the gift, the case was customized so that it was purple!

The reason it is so sweet is because of the significance of the color. Purple is actually the color that represents ASTRO’s fans, AROHA.

Considering Eunwoo uses the Airpods so often to listen to music, it’s touching to know that he also carries the love from AROHA with him wherever he goes! You can watch the whole video below.