ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s Thoughts About The Group’s Future Resurface Following Rocky’s Departure

On March 1, it was announced Rocky would leave ASTRO.

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo‘s comments on the group’s future together have resurfaced following former member Rocky‘s departure.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

On March 1, KST, Fantagio announced that Rocky would leave the group and the company.

Hello, this is Fantagio.

First of all, we would like to thank the fans who love and support ASTRO.

After holding a series of lengthy conversations with Rocky, who has been a part of ASTRO for the past seven years, it has been decided that Rocky will conclude his activities as a member of ASTRO and conclude his contract with Fantagio.

We would like to express our gratitude for Rocky for doing his best as a member of ASTRO all this time and we will continue to support him in the future.

Thank you to the fans who have supported and watched over Rocky. Please continue to show your continued interest and support for Rocky, who is embarking on a fresh start.

In the future, ASTRO will continue as a five member group and the members will focus on solo and unit activities. We will support them so that they can be active in various fields of the industry.

Please continue to show your interest and support for the ASTRO members.

Thank you.

— Fantagio

Fans were shocked and saddened to learn that the group would not make it past the seven-year curse but looked forward to ASTRO and Rocky’s future endeavors.

| @offclASTRO/Twitter

Since his departure, fans have rediscovered a recent interview where Cha Eunwoo gave his feelings about the group’s separation.

| @offclASTRO/Twitter

In an interview with My Daily, Eunwoo discussed several things, including his surprising opinion on his looks and how he feels when he gets compliments.

When the group’s seventh anniversary came up in the interview, Eunwoo addressed the issue of contract renewals directly.

Some have it figured out and some don’t. Contracts are a sensitive topic, so we are also communicating with the company directly.

— Cha Eunwoo

Fans recalling this interview were most comforted by his following statement about how the group would interact with each other in the future.

We will see each other for the rest of our lives, no matter what we choose. Because of that, we don’t worry about each others contracts too deeply.

— Cha Eunwoo

Fans have found this statement overwhelmingly comforting as they adjust to the announcement.


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