ASTRO Moonbin’s Angelic Personality Helped Cha Eunwoo To Develop The Best Habit Ever

We’re tearing up. 😭

ASTRO‘s Moonbin was known for warm heart and lovely spirit. Many attested to his good character in their tributes to him after his tragic death. Fellow member Cha Eunwoo also once revealed that he developed a habit after Moonbin’s unique way of comforting him.

Interview excerpt. | Nate Pann

[What is the compliment that gives you strength even just thinking about it?]

It’s okay.” It’s actually closer to a comforting word rather than a compliment. Although it is something that I pull up to best reassure myself, it actually gives me strength. The Cha Eunwoo I know is hardworking, and he’s someone that has a lot of self-responsibility. I try my best not to be found out, but I have much greed to do well in this and that. Because of these tendencies of mine, I know very well that I could give my ownself a hard time. Whenever that happens, my same-aged friend in ASTRO, Bin, jokes around with me. Sometimes, Bin will guess how I’m feeling and tell me, “it’s okay, Eunwoo-yah,” like it’s no big deal. As I kept hearing that [from him] around me, I developed the habit of telling myself, “it’s okay, Eunwoo-yah,” too. Once, I even told a company staff “it’s okay, don’t worry.” It’s a very common word, but I think it is able to immediately convey warm feelings to someone.

— Eunwoo

Fans were heartened to hear once more, what a good person Moonbin was.

Fans’ reactions. | Nate Pann
  • Bin was truly… perfect… That’s why my heart hurts more, you angel.
  • This is so precious… The kind puppy-cat… How do I live missing the Eunwoo-Moonbin combo… Sigh
  • Just how hard Eunwoo must be having it… Truly, they were such precious same-aged friends to each other.
  • Sigh… Moonbin should have also looked in the mirror and told himself it was okay.
  • Sigh, I’m crying again.

He was truly too good for this world.

Source: Nate Pann