ASTRO’s Moonbin May Have Sighed When He Heard Sanha’s Skateboard Request But He Couldn’t Say No

What Sanha wants, Sanha gets!

ASTRO‘s Sanha gets lots of love not only from fans but from his members too. It’s always been pretty clear that he’s a maknae on top, but when AROHA got a glimpse of Sanha’s birthday present from Moonbin, well, they realized how much of a maknae on top he truly is!

Image: @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

Ahead of his birthday, Sanha and Moonbin were guests on Weekly Idol and during the program, Sanha decided to find out what his members had planned for his birthday. Starting with his question, Sanha expertly led the conversation to reveal what he wanted to receive from his hyung — a skateboard!

The present I want to receive? Recently, I want a (skate)board.

— Sanha

After Sanha hyped up his gift idea, Moonbin immediately caught the MCs’ attention when he let out a big sigh.

The reason? Well, it turns out that only one of his members had given him a present on his birthday back in January…and it wasn’t Sanha!

My birthday was in January, you know. Originally, I’m not a person who dwells on these things. I’m never such a person but only one person gave me a present. Ah, I feel a bit sorry for this. Eunwoo is the only friend I have on the team. The same age friend. Only Eunwoo gave me a present you know.

— Moonbin

After hearing Moonbin’s story, AROHA had been curious to know exactly what the outcome of Sanha’s request would be and through a recent live they got their answer! During a livestream on March 31, Sanha flexed on his brand new customize skateboard that he revealed had come from Moonbin!

Seeing Sanha with the skateboard, AROHA knew without any doubt that his hyungs really can’t say no to him!

Sanha is a true maknae on top!

Watch Moonbin’s original reaction to Sanha’s birthday request as well as the eventual outcome in the videos below: