ASTRO’s Moonbin To Take On Zero-Waste Cooking As A Cast Member In The Upcoming “Food-Vengers” Program

Moonbin is joining a new group of avengers, the “Food-vengers”

ASTRO‘s Moonbin is joining a new group of avengers, the Food-vengers!

On May 26, Fantagio Entertainment announced Moonbin would be joining the upcoming variety program Food-vengers as a member of the fixed cast!

The new program aims to combine eco-friendly cooking with fun cooking broadcasts. Through Food-vengers, top chefs and cast members will create and present new menus using leftover ingredients to promote zero-waste cooking.

And as part of the fixed cast, Moonbin shared his excitement at learning about cooking and looking at the value of food.

I decided to join because I always wanted to learn how to cook if I had the chance. At the same time, I’m looking forward to learning about the importance and value of food ingredients and zero-waste (cooking) through the program.

— Moonbin

So far actor Bong Tae Gyu and actress Moon Ga Young have been confirmed as cast members alongside Moonbin. Food-vengers is set to begin airing on June 24 at 7:40 PM KST on Olive and tvN.

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The ‘Food-vengers’ restaurant grand opening!

Tuesday, June 2nd!

Korea’s first zero-waste restaurant will open!

Full of ideas from the best chefs – a chance to experience the dishes and the service of a luxury celebrity crew!


Source: Newsen and Yonhap News