Netizens Can’t Help But Fall For ASTRO’s Moonbin Both Before And After Weight Loss

From 80kg to 70kg, he always looks stunning!

ASTRO‘s Moonbin is known for his impressive, muscular physique.

Previously weighing in at 80 kg (around 176 lbs), his wide shoulders and toned body show he’s made of 100% muscle!


Many fans love this healthy and muscular look for him.

However, after revealing his weight dropped to 72 kg (about 158 lbs), he emerged with new physique.

Equally as stunning, his overall silhouette became smaller and his face became more chiseled.

Due to his great body composition, he retained his muscles and appeared more toned.

Netizens were left torn, equally loving his figure both before and after weight loss.

  • “I like both, I can’t choose.”
  • “They’re both so good… ? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “What… You’re cute in this and that way…”
  • “Before and after, everything is great”

Whether you prefer his chiseled face…


…or his more muscular body…

…you can’t deny that he always looks handsome!

Source: theqoo