ASTRO And PENTAGON Spill Their First Impressions Of Each Other

Never judge a book by its cover!

In the latest episode of DIVE Studios‘ UNBOXING’ w/ ASTRO’s JINJIN and PENTAGON’s KINO, members of ASTRO and PENTAGON were invited as the first guests!

ASTRO’s Rocky and Sanha joined PENTAGON’s Wooseok as guests on fellow members JinJin and Kino‘s podcast, talking about their performance of BTS’s “IDOL” and much more!

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As it was their first time on the show, the hosts asked the members what their first impressions were of each other!  Many of the members had met before but had not really had any proper interaction until their Mnet stage.

Rocky and Kino first met when they sat next to each other at a fashion show! Kino explained that he already liked Rocky before he even properly spoke to him.

The first time JinJin’s met PENTAGON’s maknae Wooseok was during their “IDOL” performance practice. For the shortest member of ASTRO, one thing stood out the most: his height!

However, he added that “Wooseok is really cute and gentle!

It seemed like Wooseok’s height did not only influence JinJin’s first impression! Rocky even explained that Wooseok was actually very different from what he first expected.

He’s really tall. I remember he was doing some gestures at the end of the stage and it was really scary! But my first in-person impression of him was just a delight!

— ASTRO’s Rocky

Of course, they couldn’t leave out Sanha, who is the youngest out of all of them! As expected, his visuals stood out the most to Kino.

Sanha is really handsome and cute!


As always, it was great to see the two groups interacting so naturally with each other. Hopefully, fans will get to see ASTRO and PENTAGON doing activities together a lot more in the future!

Make sure to watch the latest episode below!

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