Appreciating ATEEZ’s Jongho And Seonghwa’s Adorable Ending Fairies

Anyone who still thinks ATEEZ’s members are intimidating won’t think so after seeing these!

Recently, ATEEZ has been getting attention for their ending fairies for performances of their latest single, “Fireworks (I’m The One)”, due to how silly and unconventional they’ve been!

Jongho was the first member to do something creative. Known for his ability to break apples in half with just his bare hands, he took advantage of this unusual talent and made it part of the performance.

For a group known in particular for their intense, sultry ending fairies, it was particularly unexpected!

The biggest mystery for a while was how he’d gotten the apple and if he’d been carrying it the whole time somehow, but it turns out one of the backup dancers had it and handed it off to him right before it happened.

The other members’ reactions to his iconic moment are extremely relatable.

Jongho wasn’t the only member to get cute for his ending screentime, though. Seonghwa followed suit and, at first seeming to do a normal intense ending, pulled a goofy stunt at the end of one of their performances as well!

This time, Jongho had his own silly reaction to Seonghwa’s antics!

Just look at this adorable duckie.

Even San got in on the cuteness to make it even more adorable.

Hongjoong is all of us reacting to Seonghwa.

Yunho couldn’t help but crack up again, too.

Who knows what these adorable guys will get up to next??


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