ATEEZ Gain Attention For Their Honest Discussion Of Politeness And “Rude” Juniors In The Industry

ATEEZ are the best role models.

ATEEZ have made a name for themselves as not only one of the most creative performers in K-Pop, but also as one of the kindest groups.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

In a recent variety show appearance, the group discussed the subject of manners and politeness. This has been a somewhat touchy subject on some occasions. Stray KidsBang Chan, for one, gained praise when he discussed idols’ manners on a live stream.

According to Bang Chan, greeting culture might be overrated in some ways, but it’s still important because it influences how an interaction will go.

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It’s a simple gesture, but there’s a big difference when you say ‘hi’ or if you don’t say ‘hi’ if you get what I mean. It depends on how you say that ‘hi,’ it makes the other person feel a certain way. The tone of the greeting, the way you greet is really important.

— Bang Chan

Five years after debuting, ATEEZ now have their own take on the subject. Speaking with host Seokhun on his YouTube show ssuply, members Seonghwa, San, Wooyoung, and Jongho explained that they place lots of value on good manners.

| 썰플리/YouTube

According to Wooyoung, Seonghwa is the most understanding in the group when someone fails to be appropriately polite. He and San, on the other hand, aren’t always as patient.

While ATEEZ didn’t name any names, they related a story about how a junior, perhaps a trainee, greeted them casually instead of using formal address.

San, Wooyoung, and Seonghwa all amusingly imitated the junior’s greeting…

…and while Jongho scaled them back and made it clear it hadn’t been so exaggerated, Wooyoung still pointed out that it simply wasn’t the appropriate way to greet one’s senior.

San shared the members had tried to be understanding since there is always a missing context, but Wooyoung hilariously stated, “I can’t understand that though,” making Seokhun burst out laughing.

A strictly formal greeting may not always be called for, but, like Bang Chan, ATEEZ have gained praise for the way they value respect and politeness. When asked how he’d handle being spoken to informally by a junior, San had the best answer…

…making fans melt with his chosen way of handling the situation.

ATEEZ’s take on the subject reminded fans of all the times they have received praise for being respectful, including their stint on Kingdom: Legendary War, when they struggled to speak casually to BTOB‘s Peniel even when he asked them to.

Even non-fans have praised the members for their considerate and respectful attitude!

ATEEZ truly live up to their values, and it will always make ATINYs proud.

Watch the full clip on the link below.