ATEEZ Visit Gwangju’s “K-Pop Star Street” and Donate Their Prized Possessions

Follow their adventure through the street of a K-Pop fan’s dreams!

Recently, some of the ATEEZ members visited Gwangju and gave back to fans with Watta TV.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Specifically, they visited Chungjang-ro’s “K-Pop Star Street” and marveled over the fan sculptures and murals created for K-Pop artists from Gwangju.

They also visited “K-Pop Star Fanzone” where the members donated some of their prized possessions to be displayed to fans, including Yunho’s watch…

Hongjoong and Jongho’s books…

Yeosang’s favorite mask pack…

…and Wooyoung’s beloved practice shirt!

Together, the boys explored the street and admired all of the ways fans creatively honored their favorite idols — and even found a few of their own hidden faces!

Watch their full adventure through the street below.