An ATEEZ Fan Gains Attention For Discovering An Illegal Yet Appropriate Way Of Promoting The Group

“The A in ATEEZ stands for anarchy and we will stan.”

Over the last few weeks, ATEEZ have been prepping for their comeback and ninth mini album release, THE WORLD EP.2: OUTLAW. 

ATEEZ | @ATEEZOfficial/Twitter

The first hints about the group’s comeback were given after the group’s Anchor In Seoul concerts, where fans exiting the venue discovered a huge wanted poster featuring the group’s silhouettes.

After the initial discovery, the area with the poster was found “destroyed” and “vandalized” with spray paint.

In the past, the group have always given creative hints about their comebacks, including putting up wanted posters featuring concepts from their “Strictland” universe.

Fans have loved these kinds of teasers and promotions due in part to their ability to participate in them. ATEEZ have always made space for fan participation from the beginning, with even their first lightstick design being chosen from an ATINY’s design.

Now, a fan has shared a unique way of promoting the group’s comeback.

On May 29, a fan on Twitter shared a post featuring four photos. Each photo showed words and imagery related to ATEEZ and their comeback spray painted on a building creatively.

| @greenapplesyrup/Twitter
| @greenapplesyrup/Twitter
| @greenapplesyrup/Twitter
| @greenapplesyrup/Twitter

According to the user, they found the building this way. Graffiti art is illegal in most places worldwide, leading some complaints about whoever did the artwork.

A majority of the other fans that have seen the artwork think it is the perfect way to promote ATEEZ as they are “outlaws.” ATEEZ’s concepts have featured a theme of anarchy and freedom of expression, so it’s no surprise the fan that did the graffiti took those messages to heart!

Whoever did do this artwork is extremely talented!