ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Had The Funniest Reaction To Seonghwa And Yunho’s ‘Bathroom Pictures’

“Starting from the morning, no more bathroom pictures…”

ATEEZ really seem to be wildin’ in the US, as evidenced by the hilarious live stream that San and Mingi had this weekend (featuring Wooyoung), and Seonghwa‘s bathroom-mirror selfie that took the internet by storm.

Naturally, Yunho did not stay behind, as he also uploaded his own ‘bathroom picture’ to the internet and…also took the internet by storm.

The fans’ reactions were, of course, golden…

…with one even hilariously pointing out that we’d gotten too much of that particular type of content for one day.

But it was the members’ reactions that took the prize, especially Hongjoong‘s. In their own separate live, Wooyoung and Jongho made some funny comments about the picture…

…but as the leader, Hongjoong was more jokingly critical. First, he called Yunho and Seonghwa’s pictures ‘the bathroom pictures,’ suggested that ATINYs ignore them, and said that there would be no more ‘bathroom pictures’ from the next day onward.

Hongjoong also went on live with Yunho himself, and when the topic of the fateful picture came up, Yunho was immediately embarrassed…

…and he attempted to explain himself, but Hongjoong was not having it!

Here is a clip:

What is perhaps even funnier is that, when Hongjoong was discussing both Yunho and Seonghwa’s pictures, he said, “Was the water in America that delicious?”

He’s not alone in wondering what’s going on, but ATINYs were certainly entertained by all the chaos!


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