ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Can’t Watch “Kingdom: Legendary War” Anymore, Despite Being Proud Of ATEEZ’s Accomplishments

Thinking about that time makes him a little emotional.

In a recent live stream, ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong revealed that he no longer watches Kingdom: Legendary War, and it’s for a totally understandable reason.

| ATEEZ/YouTube

ATEEZ competed in the survival show last year, bringing to life incredible performances that raised the bar for creativity. But despite the utterly demanding experience that Kingdom: Legendary War was on its own, ATEEZ also made a comeback at the same time, as well as participating in other shows such as Immortal Songs and even acting in a K-Drama.

Their schedule was well and truly packed, making it almost a miracle that the members managed to perform with such impressive energy in each stage they delivered.

But looking back on their time in Kingdom: Legendary War, Hongjoong has somewhat mixed feelings about it.

According to Hongjoong, while he didn’t feel like it was too hard at the time, looking back on his experience in the show he now realizes that it was. And watching the show only makes him feel more emotional about the struggle that the group went through.

And it’s totally understandable! ATEEZ were facing way too much pressure at the time of filming Kingdom: Legendary War, so it makes sense that Hongjoong would have mixed feelings about watching it. Seonghwa, on the other hand, finds watching Kingdom: Legendary War encouraging.

He finds that, while filming the show was definitely a challenge, seeing the stages ATEEZ delivered makes him feel proud of what he and his members were able to do.

While each member has a different opinion on watching Kingdom: Legendary War, one thing is clear: filming the show was an uphill battle for ATEEZ, but that only makes their achievements in it all the more impressive!

If you’d like to see the full clip from the live, you can do so below.

Source: YouTube