ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Gives Heartwarming Response To LGBT Fans

He’s too precious.

In a recent post by Twitter user @atzhye, ATEEZ’s Hongjoong was told about the love and support from the group’s LGBT fanbase and his kind response will make you love him even more.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

When asked about whether he knows of his LGBT fans, he immediately nods.

The fan then discusses how LGBT fans can feel a sense of security and comfort during difficult times by looking at Hongjoong’s pictures and supporting him.

He expresses his gratitude and delivers a thoughtful and loving speech for fans.

I’m really happy to heart that. I also get a lot of energy and I get a lot of inspiration from you guys, especially you.

— Hongjoong


Hongjoong is touched and though he says he can’t find the words to express how he feels, fans definitely feel the love!


This is not the first time he’s proven himself to be socially aware — From participating in the Polished Man Campaign to asking fans for consent before touching them, Hongjoong always makes sure to do his part to help others and make fans feel valued.

He often expresses his views through his artsy and unique style!

| @promesse1107/Twitter

Check out the moment of his passionate message below.