ATEEZ Is The Only Non-“Big Four” K-Pop Artist To Be In The Top 14 Best-Selling Artists Ever On Hanteo

That natural growth ๐Ÿ‘Œ

On October 24,ย ATEEZ celebrated their fourth debut anniversary!

The fourth-generation idols debuted on October 24, 2018, underย KQ Entertainment with the title track “Pirate King” off of their first album,ย TREASURE EP.1: All to Zero.

In its first day, the album made a total of 430 sales. In its first week, a little over 5,200 sales. KQ Entertainment was a small and relatively unknown company at the time that ATEEZ debuted, and it was the group’s music, intrigue, and loveable members that caught people’s attention despite their humble beginnings.

| KQ Entertainment

Their album sales gradually increased throughout theย TREASURE era, with the last one in the series,ย TREASURE Epilogue: Action to Answer, making 62,800 sales in its first week in early 2020. While still not as high as other fourth generation artists at the time, they were the only group from such a small label to be making such an impact on the industry.

And now, leaping forward to present day, album restocks have led to their first album now surpassing 108,000 sales despite being released four years ago. Along with that, their most recent album,ย The World EP.1: Movement, made over 930,000 sales in the first week, and also became their first to surpass one million sales after it came out this past July.

That means in just two and a half years, since the release ofย TREASURE Epilogue: Action to Answer, their first-week sales numbers have gone up by nearly 15x, an astronomical leap for any K-Pop artist!

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Along with this hugely impressive sales growth, ATEEZ is also the only K-Pop artist not from a “Big Four” label —ย SM Entertainment,ย JYP Entertainment,ย YG Entertainment, andย HYBE Labels — to be in the top 14 best-selling artists ever onย Hanteo.

Hanteo best-selling K-Pop artists to date | Korean Sales Twt

They’ve become the best-selling non-“Big Four” K-Pop artist of the fourth generation, and they’re still only four years into their career!

| KQ Entertainment

We can’t wait to see what else the hard-working members of ATEEZ have in store for us next.


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