ATEEZ’s Mingi Returns From His Short Hiatus With A Bang

Mingi didn’t come to the MAMA’s to play games.

ATEEZ‘s Mingi had taken a brief hiatus to recover from an injury and was slated to return to the group for their first-ever MAMA‘s. He not only delivered but did it with a bang.


For their MAMA performance, ATEEZ put a spin on their title track “Wonderland” by mashing it up with well-known songs from senior groups.

After fusing a part of miss A‘s “Bad Girl, Good Girl” into their performance, with Jongho hitting a powerful high note, Mingi did what had to be done.

To prove his high energy and happiness upon returning, Mingi came through with his forceful rap and ended it by popping open his vest. That wasn’t the end of his badassery.

Right after, he moved into his killer dance break with his suit jacket flapping at his sides. He’d kept the energy up until the very end.

If you were curious how Mingi’s abs looked up close, look no further. They were just as lovely as you were expecting.

Mingi saved the best for last. Watch him tear down the stage with his power and abs here. Welcome back, Mingi.