ATEEZ’s San Reveals How Painful His Fall Was During Their “82Challenge” Prank

It definitely looked like it hurt a little bit.

ATEEZ recently met with Esquire and shot a fun reaction video where they viewed several memes and iconic moments of theirs. One legendary moment the group reacted to was, of course, ATEEZ’s amazing 82Challenge prank they did on their fans!

For those who haven’t viewed ATEEZ’s 82Challenge, the members pranked their fans while they performed a dance cover of ATEEZ’s hit song “Wonderland.” For their elaborate prank to work, San dressed up as an elderly man and walked around with a cane.

Perfectly in character, San pretended to fall in front of the dance team and the whole audience. Everyone was shocked! As the big surprise prank, San returned as the old man and joined the dance team. The rest of the group met up with San and the whole crowd widely cheered!

So, did a realistic fall like the one San performed hurt? The members wanted to know following their revisit of the video. Hongjoong asked, “Looking back at that moment, did it actually hurt or not?

Wooyoung commented that there was no way that it couldn’t have hurt.: “I don’t think it could not be painful.

San adorably tried to play it off and shared that it was actually painless because of the technique he used. San claimed, “I used a special technique.

The member questioned San’s response and asked, “Is there a special technique?” Despite his claim that he was fine, San finally admitted the fall was a bit painful. Poor San! He’d do anything for ATINYs!: “I was fine…Just kidding, sorry. It hurt a little.

Check out the video below: